Wimble-Don Stubbs

Pat Cash tennis stubby

Wimble-Don Stubbs

G’day champions, Stubbsy here. Did I ever tell you about the time I helped Pat Cash win Wimbledon? The 1987 final was played in the infamous London heat, and the little Aussie battler was struggling against big, bad Ivan Lendl.
The hopes of a nation rested on Pat’s muscular shoulders, so I decided to give him a hand.

I could see that Pat Cash was overheating, so during halftime I called him over and handed him a cold drink in one of my custom-printed stubby coolers. It even had a photo of the Cashman on the side, which brought a smile to his face! With his body temperature dropping and his confidence overflowing, the bandana-wearing warrior scored about 50 goals to snatch the Championship.

Pat even dedicated his victory speech to me and held up the stubby cooler for the world to see, although I think that bit got cut off the TV coverage. Australia went wild, Pat Cash entered folklore and your hero Don Stubbs swaggered off into the sunset to continue the battle against warm drinks. I’m a humble fella and get embarrassed by the term legend, but I can’t stop you calling me that!

If you’d like to be as successful and adored as Pat Cash, you need more than a bandanna and a winning smile – you need a custom-printed stubby cooler! You can design your own RIGHT HERE  in less than five minutes and have it delivered to your door, so you can get back to training for Wimbledon!

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