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Legendary Aussie Stubby Coolers

  • SUPER FAST: Under 10 day Dispatch!
  • NEW MIN: Only 5 per design!
  • Alrighty, let’s get them happening!
  • First, select your quantity below.
  • Then, hit the ‘click here’ button.
  • You’re now on our FREE on-line design tool.
  • Don’t forget to preview in 3D!
  • When finished, simply add to cart.
  • Job done. Too easy mate!


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Discount per Quantity

Quantity 1 5 -9 10 -19 20 -29 30 -49 50 -99 100 -199 300 -399 400 -499 500 -999 1000 + 2 3 4 200 -299
Price $99.50 $19.90 $14.90 $12.95 $10.25 $6.95 $4.95 $4.25 $4.10 $3.95 $3.80 $49.75 $33.16 $24.87 $4.55

The more you order, the more you save!




  • Printed & dispatched from QLD
  • EASY & FREE on-line designing tool
  • Neoprene material
  • Overlocked, stitched top and bottom
  • Glued non-slip rubber base
  • From $3.80 each in bulk!
  • Full Colour Sublimation Print
  • Min Order: 5 per design



Who is Mr Stubby Cooler? We are part of One Spot Australia Pty Ltd, an all Aussie Company who’s full focus is on providing legendary Stubby Coolers to our awesome clients!


Are the Stubby Coolers Australian made? They sure are! Printed on the Gold Coast, QLD and shipped directly to you…


What are the Stubby Coolers made from? Our Stubby Coolers are printed using dye-sublimation which allows them to be printed in full awesome colour! Made of high quality neoprene material with a taped black seam, overlocked top and bottom edges, and a glued, non-slip base.


What are the most important tips for designing a Stubby Cooler? Due to the texture of the neoprene material used together with dye-sublimation printing, some bleed on fine linework may occur. We recommend using a font size of no smaller than 12pts in your artwork. Keep the artwork design simple and keep within the guidelines with your text. Oh, and have fun with it!


What is the minimum order? To keep our pricing down and eliminate silly set-up fees, we have a minimum order of only 5 stubbys per design.


How are the stubby holders produced? All Mr Stubby Cooler orders are produced using white, unprinted, pre-top/bottom-stitched neoprine material with white stitching. Artwork is then printed using dye sublimation onto front surface and stitching. When viewed from the top and bottom, white stitching remains print free. From there, a black seam is stitched on creating the stubby holder, hand finished with a glued on rubber base. Snazzy!


When is my design considered approved? Ah, that’s easy. All artworks are considered approved, ready for print once the order is taken and payment submitted. Remember to double check images, text etc before adding to cart!


Can you guarantee a colour match? No, but we aim to get it as close as possible! All orders are printed in CMYK and may look different from what is displayed on your monitor. Any artwork supplied in RGB or PMS colours will be converted to CMYK prior to print. Please be aware that there may be some slight differences in colour in the finished product to what is displayed on your screen as it is converted to a CMYK print file, but we aim to get it as close as possible. Light backgrounds may print lighter than the original due to the printing process so please that into consideration when designing.


How do I create my artwork? Just head into our on-line designing tool. There, you can add images, logos and text. And best of all, you can preview in fabulous 3D!


Can I use my pre-designed artwork? Absolutely! Simply upload it into our template and resize it to fit. Once you have checked it over, just add it to the cart and job done!


Can I change the artwork once it has been ordered? Once your order has been submitted, it will go straight into our production line and no changes can be made.


How much is shipping? We have a flat $9.95 for standard shipping or $19.95 for our Startrack Express option, per total order. Cheap as!


How long will it take for my order to be dispatched and arrive? As all orders are custom printed, dispatch times vary between 5 and 10 business days. Rarely, but sometimes, forces outside of our control, including public holidays, can cause delays. Actual shipping times depend on location. 


Does Mr Stubby Cooler deliver overseas or PO Boxes? No sorry. We only deliver within Australia to street addresses and excluding remote islands.


What if my order is damaged or lost in transit? No problem. If possible, please have the courier take note of the damage. At your first convenience, please send an image or two showing the offending damage to [email protected] along with your order number.


What happens if my received order is broken, faulty, misprinted or damaged? Please email us immediately with pics and a brief description and we’ll try to turn that frown, upside down.


Do you offer refunds? Mr Stubby Cooler is happy to offer a refund prior to start of production. Due to the custom print service we offer, no refunds or exchanges can be offered once production has begun.


What is Mr Stubby Cooler‘s Return Policy? We try to provide our customers with products that meet the specs on our web site as well as your expectations. If we have fallen short, we ask that you email us immediately with a description of the problem and some photos. We will make every effort to reach a fast resolution.


And finally, do you have one last tip for me? Absolutely! Get creative, save the world from warm drinks and be good to your mother.



Mr Stubby Cooler is an all-Aussie company, but the incredible history of stubby coolers begins in Texas. The Yanks love a cold drink just as much as we do, and it gets warm in the Lone Star State, so a champ named Bob Autrey knocked together a cooler using the sleeve of a wetsuit. We’re not sure who owned the wetsuit, but after he finished yelling at Bob, he was probably really impressed by the result.


Bob called his innovation a ‘koozie’, which is one of those funny words the Americans enjoy using, like ‘flip-flops’ and ‘French fries’. Fortunately, after a good samaritan smuggled a bunch into Australia, we started calling them by a bunch of better names; ‘stubby coolers’, ‘beer holders’, ‘that thing over there’. A certain Don ‘Mr Stubby Cooler’ Stubbs came across some during his journeys around the country as a travelling minstrel, shared them with his mates, and the rest is history…


These days beer coolers can be found from Rio de Janeiro to Rome, but nowhere are they needed more than the balmy beaches and backyards of our sunburnt country.


Beer coolers – the Yanks might’ve invented them… but us Aussies perfected them!



Prefer to do your Stubby Cooler designing off-line? No problemo. Simply download our template and import it into your favourite design software. Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Canva or whatever! Once you have created your artwork,  remove the template and save/export as a high resolution PDF, EPS or jpeg. Then just upload your design into our design tool, adjust the size to fit and place your order. Too easy, mate!



Quantity Price p/unit
5+ $19.90+gst
10+ $14.90+gst
20+ $12.95+gst
30+ $10.25+gst
50+ $6.95+gst
100+ $4.95+gst
200+ $4.55+gst
300+ $4.25+gst
400+ $4.10+gst
500+ $3.95+gst
1000+ $3.80+gst
  • Shipping
  • Fastway/Aramex: $9.95
  • Startrack Express: $19.95