Castaway Tom Hanks with stubby



Our custom-printed stubby coolers are awesome for keeping your drinks cold, but they’re also versatile. Here are some cracking ideas to help you get the most out of your cooler!

1. Befriend it next time you wash up on a desert island

It happens to the best of us – a tropical holiday goes wrong and you’re stuck on a scrap of sand off the coast of Tahiti. Don’t slum it with a volleyball, live the good life with your new best mate, the stubby cooler. There won’t be any cold beers to put in it, so you might as well!

2. Chuck it round like a footy

There’s no need to go searching for a Steeden next time your mates suggest a beach footy match. Just down your beer and use your stubby cooler. You’ll look just like Johnathan Thirsty or Beery Hall – just make sure you don’t accidentally kick it into the ocean.

3. A peace offering to the neighbours

Were you blasting AC/DC till 3am, before arguing with a pot plant and passing out in the driveway? Is Gerald next door giving you stinkeye for keeping him up all night and kicking over his letterbox? Then get us to print up some coolers with his face on them, and drop ’em on his welcome mat. With some luck he won’t call the cops on you!

4. Give it to the missus if you forget her birthday

There are few things more terrifying than an angry wife, especially if you roll in from the pub at 11:30pm on her birthday, without a  bunch of flowers. Never fear, just lend her your stubby cooler. Not only will it keep her can of Resch’s icy cold, she’ll be so overwhelmed by the quality triple-stitching she won’t even make you sleep on the lounge.

5. Uhhh…. Drink beer out of it

Yeah, it’s a radical idea, but hear us out on this one. Just plonk your favourite brew in there, sit back in front of the footy or next to your fishing rod, and enjoy the good life. Cheers!

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