Don with Slim Dusty


I’d like to have a beer with Slim


A few years back I was enjoying a quiet drink with my good mate Slim Dusty. He was particularly impressed by my quality triple-stitched stubby coolers, and I even demonstrated how easy it is to design and order them online. Slim grabbed some coolers for an upcoming buck’s night.

The other punters were begging him for a song, so Slim took his guitar into the corner, struck a chord, and said, “This one’s for you, Don.”

Slim broke into song, and the room fell silent. I’ll never forget his incredible words…


“I love to have a beer with Don Stubbs

I love to have a beer with Don.

We drink in moderation

And we never ever ever get gone

We drink at the Town and Country

His stubby coolers are great

I love to have a beer with Don Stubbs

‘Cause Don Stubbs is me mate, yeah!”

There was a tear in my eye when Slim returned to the table and took up his beer. We sat there in silence, two legends of our respective industries. Slim’s drinks were on me after that incredible performance.

Of course, I asked Slim to change the words around because I’m a bashful fella and don’t like to hog the spotlight. But it warms my heart to this day that my triple-stitched, custom-printed stubby coolers inspired such a beloved song…

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