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Stubby Holders Custom Designed


Stubby holders custom designed, the way to go to keep your beers and fizzy drinks cold and be individual at the same time!

Our Australia made custom stubby holders are the best in Australia, if we do say so ourselves, probably even the world.  Our process is so simple that even your old grandma could give it a crack!

To design your perfect stubby cooler, add your own photos and text, and preview it in 3D. How could it get more simple than that? Why not give it a go today? Order some custom stubby holders for that next bucks night, or end of year footy team celebrations. Whatever your reason for ordering, you won’t be disappointed.

Jump onto Mr Stubby Cooler now and get the process started.

Don’t be the odd man out with a warm bevvy. Design your very own custom stubby holder and make all your friends jealous. When you order one of our custom made stubby holders, you don’t only make us happy but you really make our man Don Stubbs tear up with pride.

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Mr Stubby Coolers Custom Designed Stubby Holders


A stubby holder, now called many things including beer koozies, coolies, coldy-holdies and bottle jackets is simply a beverage insulator that is designed to keep your chilled beverage from warming from warm air or sunlight. It can reduce the rate your beverage warms by up to a whopping 50%! Definitely worth giving your cold one a cuddle with a Mr Stubby Cooler stubby holder!

Our stubby holder is a premium product made of high-quality materials, a non-slip base and premium top/bottom stitching to ensure that it will last a bloody long time. 

Order your stubby holders custom made today! Be a smart individual and stand out in the crowd!


How did the Stubby Holder get its name?


There are legendary stories about the summer of ’69- ’70 when good old Don Stubbs rolled up to his neighbourhood cricket club with a sack full of home-made beer coolers and handed them out to his perspiring pals. That is how the legend of Mr Stubby Cooler was born. But how bout the history of the stubby holder itself?

In Australia the stubby holder got its name because beer was traditionally sold in 375ml bottles, colloquially known as stubbies because of their short, fat appearance in comparison to the “long neck” or 750ml bottles.

Our personalised stubby holder is an awesome way to get your brand on something that people will actually use! From sporting clubs to businesses and everything in between. Order them for your next fundraiser, birthday or wedding. And best of all, creating your perfect cooler is fun and easy!

Mr Stubby Cooler – The Best Stubby Holders Custom Made in Australia


Our stubby holders custom made have been tried and tested! The quality of the material we use is top-notch and will last you a bloody long time, even for the solid BBQ and pool party months of summer, when your stubby holders get used every day. We invest in our quality to keep our customers happy, and all our stubby holders have premium top and bottom stitching! No slip-ups here with our non-slip bases firmly attached to the stubby. The best part is they are all printed and made in Australia.

Every time we sell a bunch of our stubby holders we make our man, our legend, our saviour, Don “Mr Stubby Cooler” Stubbs one very proud and happy man. What’s more is that each time someone buys a customised stubby holder, the legend lives on and the story is told again. Keep the legend of don Stubbs alive by buying a pack of our stubby holders today!


Does your mate think he has found a better stubby holder? Tell him he’s dreaming!

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Why Buy Custom Stubby Holders?


These fantastic products keep your bevvy cold for you and look fantastic! What more could you want? Nah these personalised stubby holders are great for: 

  • Branding Products
  • Events
  • Sporting Teams
  • Wedding Favours
  • Gag Gifts
  • Christmas Presents
  • Party Favours

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Customised Stubby Holder
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Tips on Personalising Stubby Holders


Due to the texture of the neoprene material used together with dye-sublimation printing, some bleed on fine linework may occur. We recommend using a font size of no smaller than 12pts in your artwork. Keep the artwork design simple and keep within the guidelines with your text. Oh, and have fun with it! We always recommend checking final designs before submitting and paying as well, as once everything is finalised – no changes are able to be made!

The stubby holders you just customised will be going straight to the pool room!


Get Your Stubby Coolers Anywhere in Australia!


Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin or Canberra, order your beaut stubby holder today!

We deliver to all Australian States and Territories.


Order your awesomely cool Stubby holder from Mr Stubby Cooler!

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