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 Stubby Holders Australia – The ONLY Stubby Holder you will Need!


Looking for the best downright true blue stubby holders in Australia? Mr Stubby Cooler has your back mate! Our Stubby Holders and your beer go together like the beach and a hot summer day! Warm beer or soft bevvy’s is a genuine crime, which is why we supply the coolest, high-quality stubby holders in Australia, to ensure your beer stays colder than the surf! Stubby Holders are an Aussie icon, and you are missing out if you don’t have a geeze at ours! 


The Origin of Stubby Holders Australia


It was a bloody travesty once upon a time when you couldn’t keep beer cold without easy access to the fridge. In 1969-1970, the absolute legend, Don Stubbs created the stubby holder and passed them out to his mates at his local cricket club. The rest they say is history! 


Fast Forward To Today


Stubby Holders are an Aussie household staple and we think they are as essential as thongs on a hot day. Our stubby holders are high quality and customisable and we offer quick delivery to ensure you can kick back and enjoy your beer by Sunday. Modern-day stubby holders just keep getting better and better – especially since we make it super easy to personalise it to have your cool designs, brand or even just a picture of you and your mates playing cricket. 

Want to scare international folk? You can even get a picture of the infamous “drop bear” on it! Whatever your heart desires, we do it. Our process is so easy as well that even your old mate paul who doesn’t know what a “google” is could do it!


Stubby Holders – An Aussie Icon?

Stubby Holders Australia- Read on to find out more about our legendary product!

A Stubby Holder may seem like a simple product, but to us – it is the vessel that protects one of life’s greatest joys – beer. Stubby holders aren’t just used for beer, of course, they are perfect for any drink that you want to keep cold. Stubby Holders are as ingrained in Australian culture as vegemite on toast. Stubby Holders are vital at gatherings, backyard bash’s, celebrations, weddings, sporting events, parties and just chilling at home. Without it, you will just be sipping warm beer and that is NOT very Aussie. 

Don brings the party to life
Don Stubbs, aka Mr Stubby Cooler
stubby holders custom click here

Benefits of Stubby Holders


Aside from the best benefit of all – keeping your bevvy cold – there are a few wicked benefits of having a branded or customised stubby holder from Mr Stubby Cooler.


Brand Recognition

Putting your logo, slogan or branding on the stubby holder will let your customers associate you with their good times. Stubby holders are used regularly, meaning more or a chance that the people utilising your branded stubby will go “Oh yeah I know that brand!”. Stubby Holders are effective marketing tools to get your name out into the world and build brand awareness. If you are a business owner or entrepreneur doing the hard yakka, consider one of the best products from Mr Stubby Coolers. 


Wedding Favours

What do Aussies love more than beer? Free stuff! Wedding favours have come increasingly popular as they provide a memento to guests to remember the day. If you want to be the coolest bride and groom going and give your guest something that is actually useful, stubby holders are the way to go. You can put a nice photo, slogan, wedding date or whatever creative thing you can think of on the stubby. Then, when your guests are sitting back in their comfy chair at home, sipping a beer, they can look at it and remember the good times. 


Make Mate’s Jealous

Make your mates jealous of your awesome stubby holder. Print your favourite movie quote, photo or even a meme to make them go “Oi where did you get that?”.


Gag Gifts

ranks are another classic Australian pastime. Use our stubby holders to embarrass or prank a mate! The options are endless. 

Mr Stubby Cooler – The Best Stubby Holders in Australia


There you have it, folks!

Stubby coolers, can holders, beer koozies, coolies, coldy-holdies, bottle jackets… whatever you call them, Mr Stubby Cooler offers the beautest coolers for your next fundraiser, birthday or wedding. And best of all, creating your perfect cooler is fun and easy!

  • Use our handy online design tool, or upload your own design
  • Add photos, text, or your company logo
  • Preview your stubby cooler in 3D, so you’ll know exactly what it’ll look like
  • All coolers are  printed in Australia for a fast turnaround
  • Premium stitching top and bottom, with a quality non-slip base


It really is simple enough that any old joe blow could do it.

We also have quick delivery and have a fast and secure checkout process. Plus – we are Aussie – so you know we have tested our own products regularly! Check out the best stubby holders in Australia by visiting our website.


Jump online, design your custom stubby holder, preview it in 3D and get it on ya beer! It really is simple enough that any old joe blow could do it. Our Stubby Holders are made of high-quality materials, non-slip base and premium top/bottom stitching to ensure that it will last a bloody long time. 

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