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Customised Stubby Holder Australia 

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Hey mate! Are you looking for the coolest customised stubby holder going? No worries! Our customised stubby holders are awesome and are super high quality. Whatever you want on a stubby holder – we can make it happen! Your mum’s face? Sure! A cute family photo? Easy! Your brand’s logo? You got it! Our stubby holders are 100% customisable and are 100% Australian-made. We have actually employed a team of little koalas here in our warehouse to ensure it has the special Aussie feel!

Look rad and keep your beverage cool with our you-beaut customised stubby holder.


The Origin of Stubby Holders Australia


It was a bloody travesty once upon a time when you couldn’t keep beer cold without easy access to the fridge. In 1969-1970, the absolute legend, Don Stubbs created the stubby holder and passed them out to his mates at his local cricket club. The rest they say is history! 


Fast Forward To Today


Stubby Holders are an Aussie household staple and we think they are as essential as thongs on a hot day. Our stubby holders are high quality and customisable and we offer quick delivery to ensure you can kick back and enjoy your beer by Sunday. Modern-day stubby holders just keep getting better and better – especially since we make it super easy to personalise it to have your cool designs, brand or even just a picture of you and your mates playing cricket. 

Want to scare international folk? You can even get a picture of the infamous “drop bear” on it! Whatever your heart desires, we do it. Our process is so easy as well that even your old mate paul who doesn’t know what a “google” is could do it!


What is A Stubby Holder? 


Stubby coolers, can holders, beer koozies, coolies, coldy-holdies, bottle jackets… whatever you call them, Mr Stubby Cooler offers the beautest coolers for your next fundraiser, birthday, or wedding. And best of all, creating your perfect cooler is fun and easy! A stubby holder is a piece of neoprene fabric that is shaped like a can and is designed to thermally insulate your drink. It also does a bunch of other cool things like make it easier to hold your drink and increase brand awareness, but at the end of the day – stubby holders are as Australian as Shrimp on the Barbie. Jump on our customised stubby holders now! 

Don brings the party to life
Don Stubbs, aka Mr Stubby Cooler
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Why Buy A Customised Stubby Holder?


Everyone loves a little customisation. You create playlists, Netflix Lists, hats, shirt bags and now – stubby holders! Not only will your mum be proud of ya, but you can give them as gifts, use them as marketing materials, increase brand awareness and look cool! They are fantastic party or wedding favours as well! Have fun with it, and create something brilliant. Mr Stubby Coolers products are top-notch quality and are made in a jiffy. It is super easy to do – anyone can do it.


Customising Your Stubby Holder


Creating your very own customised stubby holder is as easy as making vegemite toast. 


  1. Click here for our awesome online design tool
  2. Upload your own photo, then add in text & an image
  3. Preview your work of art in eye-popping 3D
  4. When it’s all good to go, roll through the check out with a few clicks
  5. Get the ice-cold drinks ready, because delivery won’t take long. Cool!

Mr Stubby Cooler – The Best Customised Stubby Holders in Australia


There you have it, folks!


Mr Stubby Cooler


We are the best of the best! All our customised stubby holders are high quality and feature a non-slip base and premium stitching for longevity. We are Australian owned and operated, and we offer super fast dispatch times, affordable pricing and an easy online design tool. You can’t beat it mate!

Look slicker than your forehead after a game of cricket, and grab your very own customised stubby holder.

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Customised Stubby Holder
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